If you have used your vote on behalf of a resident and wish to vote yourself, please ask someone else to do it for you. 

A paper voting form for those with no access to online voting is downloadable on our website eacawards.org.uk

The selection of finalists and winners will be decided by the number of votes (nominations) in proportion to the number of residents in a scheme. The star rating will contribute to that selection.

Use of the data

  • EAC will protect voters’ confidentiality.
  • EAC will not contact voters, unless error or fraud is suspected.
  • EAC will delete voters’ email addresses within 3 months following the announcements of the finalists and winners of these Awards.
  • EAC reserves the right to use the voters’ comments (max 50 words) without disclosing their authors.

Prohibited uses of this application:

You may not use this application:

  • For any purpose other than to vote for, or express your views about one retirement housing scheme in the UK.
  • For any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.